What others say about us

The sensors on the return air failed and along with it, it kinda took the circuit board out. I made the claim and Atchley responded pretty quickly. They came down and assessed the problem. They determined the part that needed to be ordered and they ordered it. Then, they came back and fixed it. I wish the part could be delivered more quickly but I was pretty happy with how they handled it. It was an overall good experience.


I have always been very impressed that you regularly follow up on the cases I have raised and follow them through to completion. I actually don’t think I have experienced such proactive customer support before and you should be commended for this.

I have had a lot of friends and family ask me where we got our solar installation and I am always happy to recommend SOLARLINE  This is in no small part due to your customer support since the installation of the system.

Anna VandanaHOME OWNER

SOLARLINE  did an excellent job of explaining the solar panel system, how it worked, the potential power output and savings. The installation was done on time and was excellent.

Maxi MilliCEO

My wife and I are pleased with our three month old ICON system. The install staff worked well together to get the (barn roof) job done in a safe manner. The system has been producing more electricity than we expected it would during the oft-cloudy winter months.

Dr. DosistCEO